There is no substitute for hard work.
Thomas Edison

How much time do top performers in developing and counseling employees spend on training and development?

See how your organization compares to top performers in the number of learning days provided per employee and the time to close capability gaps through training.

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Nothing happens unless first a dream.
Carl Sandburg
Quality cannot be copied; there is no step-by-step cookbook that applies equally to all company situations and cultures.
Ernst & Young

Building Integrity: A Core Challenge of Quality Management

In the Summer 2014 issue of Competitive Advantage, a member-benefit publication of the Service Quality Division, Anton G. Camarota discusses how quality managers can keep everyone centered on what matters for an organization’s long-term success.

The problem of quality management is not what people don’t know about it. The problem is what they think they do know.
Philip Crosby

Trigonometry for Engineering Technology

by Gary Powers

Designed to teach the fundamentals of trigonometry, this text can be used by students new to the subject, in training programs, and as a self-study refresher. It uses mechanical, civil, and architectural applications to enhance its explanations of real-world scenarios. 

The examples in each chapter demonstrate a specific type of problem-solving procedure and are followed by practice exercises. Answers and complete solutions to the exercises are included in the appendix.

The Voice of the Customer guides world-class leaders’ every action and decision.
Chang, Labovitz, and Rosansky
A ‘problem’ is the distance between where you are now and where you could be—no matter how good you are now.
Townsend and Gebhardt

Culture of Quality: Accelerating Growth and Performance in the Enterprise

A global study by Forbes Insights and ASQ investigates how a more quality driven culture can accelerate business performance.

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Quality people are quality people!
Douglas W. Engelbrecht, quality assurance specialist, Defense Contract Management Agency
The key is to get into the stores and listen.
Sam Walton

Communicating ISO 9001:2015

Presentation slide decks and other documents to help communicate the message of ISO 9001:2015 are available from the ISO sub-committee responsible for the development of International Standards and documents in the ISO 9000 series. Among the documents you can download from the ISO website are:

For more resources and information, visit the homepage of ISO’s Technical Committee no. 176, Sub-committee no. 2. 

Changing the culture of an institution is a slow process, and one that is best not rushed. If the effects of TQM are to be lasting, people have to want to be on board.
Edward Sallis

Mastering and Managing the FDA Maze, Second Edition

by Gordon Harnack

People working at all levels in regulated industries will find in this reference book the compliance insight to help them navigate through the maze of FDA regulations and expectations.