Although ‘to err is human,’ intelligence is also a human characteristic, and we must never stop trying to find ways of not making mistakes.

In Search of Quixote

In the September 2014 Lean Enterprise News, a member-benefit publication of the Lean Enterprise Division, Kurt Stuke explores the idea of using the character of Don Quixote as a role model for reconstructing quality by prioritizing imagination, commitment, and purpose. 

In the service sector, consumers expect and demand more, because they know they can get more.
Hammer and Champy

The Six Sigma Handbook

by Paul Keller and Thomas Pyzdek

This handbook explains how to define and deploy Six Sigma projects focused on key stakeholder requirements and carry out data-driven management. It walks you through the phases of DMAIC and DMADV and demonstrates how to use the statistical tools and problem-solving techniques of Six Sigma with screenshots of Minitab and Excel applications.

The new fourth edition has been updated to include:

  • Online quizzes for Six Sigma certification
  • Links to videos that walk you through specific processes, such as Minitab functions, statistical process control, and how to read a Pareto chart
  • Coverage of lean methodologies
The first step toward cure is to know what the disease is. (Ad sanitatem gradus est novisse morbum.)
Latin Proverb

Transforming a QMS Using ISO 9001

Donna Thomas, author of "Onward and Upward" in the September 2014 issue of QP, discusses how her organization used ISO 9001:2008 to transform its quality management system.

Until you implement a decision, it is not really a decision at all.
Edward C. Schleh

ISO 9001 on ASQ TV

Paul Palmes 15 Things ISO 9001 video

Paul Palmes, author of "A New Look," discusses the ISO 9001 revision and key points organizations must consider as the draft international standard progresses through the development process.

TQM does not and will not bring results overnight. The essence of TQM is a change of culture.
Edward Sallis

QMS for Blood Work in Africa

ASQ member Christine Bales, working with her employer AABB, is implementing quality management systems (QMS) for blood transfusion services in Africa. The goal of the program is to ensure an abundant, safe blood supply for those in need. 

View the video.

You cannot manipulate people into doing quality work.
Townsend and Gebhardt
Without u and i, quality is meaningless.
Shivaji Shastry

Juran’s Quality Essentials

by Joseph A. DeFeo

Joseph A. DeFeo distills Dr. Juran’s life’s work on quality with some of today’s practices into an action plan for creating a strong, successful, globally competitive enterprise.

This guide explains how leaders can:

  • Embrace quality and not miss an opportunity to improve performance
  • Lead an organization through sustainable financial change while fostering a culture of quality
  • Stop useless initiatives by aligning goals with the strategic plan
  • Challenge new product or service development methods
  • Create breakthroughs in baseline performance
  • Ensure repeatable and compliant processes
  • Simplify macro processes with business process management
  • Execute benchmarking to sustain market leadership
Making quality work really is ‘ninety percent attitude’—your attitude.
Chang, Labovitz, and Rosansky

Statistical Quality Control in the World War II Years

Read an interview with Eugene L. Grant, who played an instrumental role in developing Stanford University’s statistical methods courses for West Coast war industries in the 1940s.