Pursuing Excellence in the Province of New Brunswick

In the Summer 2014 Government Division News, a member-benefit publication of the Government Division, Jane Washburn details how New Brunswick’s public service has undertaken a cultural change that has increased efficiency and accountability, improved services to the public, and streamlined administration.

Difficult things take a long time; the impossible takes a little longer.

Mastering Lean Six Sigma

by Salman Taghizadegan

This book develops a dynamic program to meet the requirements of a Master Black Belt (MBB) and covers the necessary skills for leading a company in a quality improvement initiative.

Who Dares Wins.
Special Air Service (SAS), Elite UK Forces
'What is our business?' is not determined by the producer but by the customer.
Peter Drucker

10-Year Quality Journey Leads to Baldrige Honor for School District

PSD Case Study 1 BaldrigeSee how the Pewaukee School District in Wisconsin has used the Baldrige framework and examiner feedback as it has embraced a systematic problem solving culture over the past ten years, resulting in innovative solutions for serving students, as well as a 2013 Baldrige Award. 

Read the case study.

The only thing that counts as a mistake is doing it twice.
Larry Roberts, quality control manager, CMC Howell Metal
Customer needs and satisfaction are constantly changing targets.
Juran Institute, Inc.

The Influence of Senior Leaders in Successful Change

Rick Maurer’s article in the July 2014 issue of Journal for Quality and Participation discusses the findings of two surveys indicating that the direct presence of senior leaders can influence the effectiveness of change initiatives.

Quality control is applicable to any kind of enterprise; in fact, it must be applied to every enterprise.
Kaoru Ishikawa

Simply Managing

by Henry Mintzberg

This book presents key learnings from observation of twenty-nine managers in settings ranging from a refugee camp to a symphony orchestra. It considers the intense dynamics of the job of managing, as well as inescapable conundrums, such as the following:

• How is anyone supposed to think, let alone think ahead, in this frenetic job?

• Are leaders really more important than managers?

• Where has all the judgment gone?

• Is email destroying management practice?

• How can managers connect when their job disconnects them from what they are managing?

Think quality and do quality to be quality.
Karen L. Hansen, assistant director, Quality Assurance & Compliance, Allied Community Resources

Mayo Clinic Named No. 1 Hospital in U.S. for 2014-2015

The Mayo Clinic has ranked as the No. 1 hospital in the United States in the U.S. News & World Report’s Best Hospitals 2014-2015.

See the 2014-2015 Honor Roll.

Mayo Fellows

Learn more about the Mayo Clinic in ASQ’s Next Generation Quality Leadership case study, "Journey to Perfect."

Manage from the left [side of the brain]; lead from the right.
Steven Covey

QE Vol 22 No 3

Process Optimization for Multiple Responses

The open-access article in the July 2014 Quality Engineering presents Pareto front multiple objective optimization as an option to complement other statistical and mathematical models in the response surface methodology toolkit.